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We are now in the final stretch of EGX preparations and gearing up towards the final pitch for funding which will take place later this month. We are extremely busy trying to deliver the best possible experience for players at the event and working hard to build on our final pitch.

August was an eventful month for us, with more work and more events than ever before! Among the highlights was the team built a new game mode in the form of a time limited survival mode which we showcased in Comic-Con Wales. Due to the success of the event, the team are bringing this mode to EGX but in a much more refined and polished form. Pictures from the event are below.

The day seen over 100 players try the game with such overwhelming positive feedback. It was the highlight of the summer so far to see players react positively and re-enforces our belief that this game has a widespread appeal due to the age range of players and people who had a good time playing.

There was a competition within the game, with players who found the most Geckos (without getting caught) winning a prize. Congratulations to Armand and Joshua who both won Geckos vouchers to spend at awesome local toy store Geckos, Wrexham.

Prior to this event, two of the team (Ryan and Colin) travelled to Dundee to practice our pitch in front of industry experts and although the journey up was a miserable one thanks to train delays, we thoroughly enjoyed the experience and found it incredibly useful as we pitch for the £20,000 top prize come end of September. 

We had great feedback again and also identified areas to work on, the experience of talking about your game to publishers and industry experts was a great learning experience and the event was a very enjoyable one. A video of the event can be found on Tranzfuser website. 

In terms of progress with the game, we are making big strides in making the mall a more interactive and fun environment with more jumpscares and interactables being implemented. The UI is taking an overhaul too, as we try to create a better user experience for EGX, building on lessons learnt from Comic-Con.

The structure of the initial demo will remain the same as the previous event, a recap of which can be found at our EGX announcement post. The competition in EGX will follow a similar format, with players given 3 minutes to locate as many event related items as possible with prizes on offer for the best score.

We have also posted our trailer for EGX on Twitter but if you missed it, then here it is.

We will make another blog update before we go to EGX so we can show the final details of what we have been working on. As of today we have re-introduced a throwing mechanic to distract the nutcracker and also have a small rodent who will need to be chased. Sounds weird but hold on and we will announce the details soon!

If you haven’t already, please sign up to the Alpha test list, we have already got quite a number of people waiting for release so spots will be closing soon. You will be among the first to play the online demo, for which we will have prizes available too. 

Speak soon!


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