Developer Blog Week 10

Apologies for no update last week! I (Ryan) went on holiday so was unable to update on any progress. Most of the past week has been spent on other modules in university but some progress has been made with assets.

Ben has been making the fitness store Blitz, which is now relatively complete. This will serve as a location for a hidden item and will have gameplay attached to it. In the upcoming game demo this will be a fixed location (below the toy store) but in the full game stores will change location per game/save so this was kept in mind when keeping it and other stores modular. 

There’s also been a few animations made (also by Ben). We have a hit (possibly on a keypad or arcade) as well as a drum walk cycle and drum idle. These will be implemented into gameplay in the coming weeks

Some smaller items have been made by Jason for the sports store. These are featured below


Plans for the upcoming week are the following

  • Create further assets for the arcade
  • Create more store fronts
  • Arcade redesign
  • Implementation of keycard system
  • Security rooms 
  • Food area continued
  • Laser tag store started (internals)

We have had a relatively slow week because of the other work required for university. This is largely complete now so much more progress will be made by myself and the team in the coming weeks. The university year ends 27th May so this will enable us to commit more time to the project. This will be the last few weeks Jack is with us so we will have to make him do some work.

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