Developer Blog Week 11


With one month to go until the end of the University year we have been pushing hard the past week to push content in to the game. The main focus of the past week was to revamp the Arcade which was deemed to small and uninteresting in its previous form. We always intended to upgrade and change areas but this one has taken a big overhaul which is still ongoing. Today we can discuss plans with this as well as offer insight to some of the functionality some machines and areas may have within it.

I (Ryan) have been making new assets to fit in the Arcade store as well as scatter items such as advertisement signs and vending machines this week. Previously the arcade had quite bland machines and not enough of them so the focus was on lighting on them as well as making them functional. You may have seen some on social media already but if you missed it, here’s a video of them lined up.

The items featured here are as follows. Machines with intended functionality are marked with a *

  • Ivings Fortune* – A fortune telling machine similar to Zoltar (from the movie Big for anyone not a boomer)
  • Downhill Grind –  A skateboarding machine
  • Lucky Balls Extreme* – A ball dropper ticket machine 
  • Ivings ‘The Big One’* – A giant sized claw machine

Also included in the background is Vending Machine with our logo on the can of which there will multiple designs around the mall. This too will have some functionality and may be essential to progress so take notice of these.


Ben has been redesigning the interior of the Arcade and has some nice lighting to go on the ceiling. This is a vast improvement on the old and fits in with the more modern aesthetic we are going for. You can see a small preview below

Further improvements in design and layout are due to be completed in the next few days so the Arcade should be near completion with a task or two to complete within it. We will share the finished design next week with you all.

Elsewhere there are a small number of assets being made for other stores including some of the food stalls and the sports store. You can find some of the images of some of the assets below.



Work will continue on the arcade until at least Friday. At which point we will be ready to move on to the laser tag store as well as work on more bespoke store fronts for some of the stores. The focus should then shift from purely environmental assets to assets surrounding objectives and tasks. 

Phil is currently working on a throwing mechanic which will act as a distraction for the Nutcracker which we hope to share in next weeks blog too. There’s a lot to do on the programming side but we are slowly adding in mechanics and interactable elements which we should be available to show in the next month.

Also, we remind everyone that if you would like your business or brand to be featured in the game we do have a small number of spots available such as ads found below. We don’t want too many but can accommodate some in real life businesses. For more information on this go The Mall section of the site.

Until next time friends! 

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