Developer Blog Week 2

Week 2 sees us build upon the Plaza area of the mall, which will be close to the main entrance. This will be the first area we will focusing on and its main feature is the food court.

The objectives in the past week (which we achieved) were

  • Start working on individual assets within the mall
  • Program player objectives for interactivity in the area
  • Have completed store fronts within the area
  • Add further detail to the area via topographical maps
  • Set up Discord with custom emojis and layout
  • Fill out the website ready for launch mid February

Our short term goals remain to build upon the above. The mall is a big area and each shop needs populating so asset creation will be the main focus for most of the team. The AI for the Nutcracker needs building on expanding so the programmers on the team will be busy to get it in to a playable state ahead of some important personal milestones for us.

By late March we have to pitch our game in house so expect to see content ramping up in the next month, with a small playable section being shown after this period (here and on social media). The goal overview of what will achieve by this point is as follows

  • Playable area (plaza)
  • Social media followers – 500
  • Animated Nutcracker (high priority)
  • Another promotional video (Origins)
  • 6 shops created and fleshed out in the playable area
  • Working AI (Nutcracker)
  • Concepts for future enemies and areas

Some of this weeks work

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