Developer Blog Week 3

Hello Nutcracker fans! (we know there isn’t any but just practicing)

This week we have been focusing on specific stores within the mall, with focus being on the arcade and the Toy store which will be two of the most prominent within the game. Arcade machines and decorations have been made and these will be brought together within the week which will see at least one of the stores take shape. Jason, Colin and Ryan (me) have been working on the arcade so will be posting updates when assets are ready to show this week. Ben has also been working on the Toy Store, which is externally complete.

The Nutcracker is now finally rigged ready for animation, which will act as a base to build on within the coming weeks. We fully expect him to do more than twerk come release time but this could double up as a jump scare. I was certainly scared anyway. If you haven’t seen the video, here it is below.


In terms of gameplay, basic objectives are now functional thanks to Jack. This includes times runs and barricades as mini objectives. They are core gameplay mechanics which will fit into more interesting gameplay as we progress. Work in the upcoming weeks will see more environment based programming, with certain items and objects having an effect on gameplay. 

I (Ryan) will be personally stepping up the social media grind in the coming weeks, so expect even more spam! Yay. Social media has been somewhat neglected of late due to other pressing issues such as this here website, so it will be good to get back communicating with you all. 

To anyone reading (besides my mum) thanks for following us and we will be sharing a lot more here and on Twitter in the coming months as production ramps up. This took a little dive over the festive period as we are students and had other (depressing) modules to focus on to get the grades we want.

Selected assets and items created this week

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