Developer Blog Week 4

The past week has seen the team focus on expanding the environment and filling out some of the stores with the main focus being on the opening area (the Plaza and the Arcade). We now have multiple arcade units and progress is being made on a sports store which will be one of the earlier unlocked stores. Below is a selection of the arcade machines which will be heading into Iving’s Arcade Emporium. This is not an extensive list as some will be secrets which may tie in to to future updates so keeps your eyes peeled in game for clues. Work will continue on these assets for the next week or so with a variety of designs and new machines being added


In addition to the above, Jason has been quietly getting on with multiple smaller assets intended for the Sports store as well as some store fronts we can use in the Plaza. These will form part of the second completed store, both of which we will be showcasing over the coming weeks. Here’s a few assets created this week for this area. 

The Nutcracker has been shown some love and has been given an updated face coupled with various animations which will be implemented in the coming weeks. You may have seen (if following on social media) some of the animations already but for those who haven’t and enjoy twerking Nutcrackers (don’t we all) then the below shows the progress on him made by Ben recently.

In terms of the mechanics and gameplay, Jack has kindly sent me a video of what he’s been up to this week which can be viewed below. He is getting through some of the objective based gameplay which will serve as a base to everything you do in the game. Phil has been focusing on AI elements which we hope to share with you all in the coming weeks too.

The above is still the game in a primitive state so don’t worry, we don’t expect this to reflect anything near the finished project and there’s more being worked on and a lot already complete.

The focus next week will be on finishing some of the stores and putting everything together, we are currently working on cut scenes too which will help tell the narrative of the game. Lot’s of work still to be done but good progress is being made. Catch you all next week!


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