Developer Blog Week 5

This weeks update has seen the team focus on bulking out some stores as well as animating some kill scenes. We have even more items in the arcade and the level is resembling a mall of sorts now!

Ben has been working on a number of kill animations, we intend these to be similar to Poppys Playtime or (God forgive us) Piggy where the camera changes and a close up of the kill is shown. We have two so far but this number will increase and they will be random or may be set depending on the scenario a player is killed. You may have seen the edited versions on social media but for transparency we will show you the full versions below.

We plan on adding to these in the future and have some interesting cut scenes lined up for a more scripted death event which we will share in the coming months. 

Also under way is the Sports Store, which is being worked upon alongside the arcade. Jason is responsible for the sports store, with help with some graphics from myself (Ryan). This store is near complete and we will be sharing the final version in the coming week or so but for now here are some work in progress pictures. Note that the sports store will be one of the larger stores in the game, we plan on adding a mixture of small, medium and large stores with the more interesting stores taking up more floor space. 


These are untextured and unfinished screenshots of the store in engine but more has been added since this which we will share next week. 

The sports store has branding too, which I was responsible for this week. We have a name and some sports teams for the area all which will feature in the final game. Ben is currently working on the shirts which will fill the store and other equipment is being made by Jason too. The branding of the store and teams can be found below, some of which may be featured later on sequels when we explore the town further!

The teams and names all link into the town, with the mountain town we are locating the game in (Mystic Peak) being synonymous with wolves and Gold mines we have themed the teams around this. 

The arcade has seen some love with a few more machines being added which will be added to engine this week (probably tomorrow) so we hope to be able to share some nice screenshots representative of the final layout soon. Meanwhile, here’s some of the additional machines created this week.


In addition to the above we can now reveal the next store which we will be working on, no explanation is needed as we will show you with the logo. The next store will be a key part of the gameplay of which we will share more of soon (sorry, everything is soon!)

We will let you figure outr what this store could be. No prizes for the correct answer though. If you still need more updates then please follow us on Twitter where we share most of our new work. 

Until next week!

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