Developer Blog Week 6

We are now into the sixth week of these blogs and there’s lot’s of progress this week to share with you all. This week has been especially productive in terms of the environment, with many new assets now complete and added to engine. We are still not ready to give a fly through as we are working on lighting and positioning currently but this will happen very soon!

In addition to the environment, we now have some confirmed scripted sequences which we will be focusing on in the coming weeks. This includes and opening cutscene and sequence all the way to the conclusion of the demo. We have plans beyond this but this week was about condensing what we already had so we can portray a narrative as well as show off some of the wider gameplay objectives and mechanics. 

Some of the additional assets created this week include the below

The Nutcracker pretending to be a phone salesman

The focus was on store fronts and kiosks this week as well as filler for the mall floors. There’s still work to do on individual stores but this has become a priority for us so we have an environment to showcase and a playable open area.

In addition to the images above we have worked on signs and posters which will be featured in the mall. Some of these posters will feature on traditional signage but some will be placed digitally throughout. 

Jason has been carrying on with work to the intended laser tag store with planning well under way now. This will be a task which may get shifted back as we finish the mall area but it under construction. There’s also materials been made especially for this store, with a planned jumpscare for this building being worked on. He has also been making materials for the floor and arranging assets within the Sports store.

Ben has been working on another kill animation, which will see the Nutcracker grab and chomp the player, which is still in progress. He’s also made a shark for the claw machine, we call him ‘Derpy’. He has also made a cool looking shirt for the Sports store which is still under development. 

There has been small work done to the arcade but with enough machines (for now) focus has shifted onto the mall areas we stated before. That being said we do have an ice hockey table as well as all arcade machines previously built in engine now. There has also been small assets such as a change counter and driving machine made by Colin (not textured yet).

This week coming we will be focusing mainly on structural assets such as walls, stairs, the roof and every day items to make the mall a little more realistic and complete. We have a lightning pitch in university to prepare for in the next few weeks so having one presentable and complete area is a must. The programmers will be working on scripted events and making sure the animations and AI work correctly in this time period. We expect big progress in the coming weeks! If not then er…guess we fail uni? Oh well. See you next time!

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