Developer Blog Week 8

Week 8 was a slow week as this coincided with University work which needed to be handed in on another module. That being said, there was preparation for upcoming events which took place. Both myself and Jason attended the Tranzfuser information session mid-week. This was to prepare for us post-uni work on the game where we will be pitching for funding to further development. Tranzfuser is a competition aimed at newly found studios who are looking to set up their own studio. As we are students this is applicable to us and we hope to secure funding which will enable us to continue to do what we love! We will be sharing our progress within Trazfuser both here and on social media and if it mirrors last year there will be live talks on Twitch you can follow us on as well as YouTube videos highlighting the game. 

We are also happy to announce we have found a musical composer to work with for the game who has kindly offered to compose a theme song and chase scene among others compositions which will feature in the end product. Work on this will begin in April and we are looking forward to bringing the game alive with an original score. We cannot share too much information right now as work has not begun in this area but the person is extremely talented and will undoubtedly enhance the game.

As I write this we are making changes within engine, which will see stores (finally) placed where they should be and the immediate environment filled out. Ben has completed the structural overhaul of this area so we are filling out both the area and stores within them. We will be in a much better place come next week as Lightning pitches commence on the 30th of this month so by then we will have a complete fly through of the main area to share. 

Tranzfuser virtual meeting this week


This week the goal is create enough of a scene to make it presentable for the lightning pitch, most assets are made but not in their correct place. We will by Monday have a scene we can fly through as well as have basic gameplay with animations. This will form the base of the game but also give the audience an early glimpse as to what to expect upon release. The core gameplay loop will be in place, although we expect this to be very basic at the minute.

We are treating this week as if we were pitching for investment so focus on will be showing what we have and er.. hiding what we don’t! For those who have read the blog before you may be sick of me saying the same thing but game development is slow and tedious as we are finding out first hand.

If we do not have the promised area to show off next week then we are behind on a major milestone which is never good so stick around for (hopefully) dramatic progress very soon.

Thanks for reading and see you next time Nutcracker friends!


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