Developer Blog Week 9

Apologies for the delay of the blog this week (to the three people who may read it). This is due to preparation for the lightning pitch which was held on Wednesday this week. 

We had to present our game in front of the entirety of the year on the games course (those who could be bothered turning up anyway). Despite being nervous, this went pretty well and it was cool to see our work was well received and it was enjoyable watching other people squirm like we were on stage. 

Anyway, progress has been rapid the past few weeks and we now have something which resembles a game. It may be a crap game currently but a game nevertheless. The mall is filling out and we can finally show something more than a few assets being made.

You may have seen our progress on social media but if you missed it, here’s a breakdown of where we are at now (in actual video form!)



If you’re interested, here’s our full lightning pitch slides that we presented to the University. 


This is the gameplay footage we shown off in the lightning pitch. It shows the (unfinished) mall area and teh Nutcracker who now patrols and can detect and kill the player. The Nutcracker uses AI which keeps him in the same area as the player if detected and we are pleased with the patrolling element. We need to work on animations and animation blending as well as finishing off the mall to get the core gameplay complete. Please bare in mind that we have a lot more planned than him just chasing and have plans for more interesting features and mechanics lined up over the coming months.



Ben has been working on a video which ties into the lore of the Nutcracker. The video depicts the closing down of the Toy Store and the Nutcracker getting sadder and angrier at being left alone. Is he evil? Or is he just misunderstood and misses the company?


This blog will now shift to video form as we will have more visual content to share now we have established a base. This will also allow us to convey the message of what we are trying to achieve more effectively.

The coming weeks will see

  • Integration of objectives
  • The mall filled out
  • Interesting set pieces implemented (won’t say too much about this as may ruin gameplay)
  • Cut scenes planned
  • Preparation for Tranzfuser!

See you all next week in the Vlog! – it will be posted here and on Twitter

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