We will be showcasing the Nutcracker at EGX this year from September 22nd – 25th!

We are fortunate enough to have to stands as part of Tranzfuser and Games Talent Wales so will be at two different locations at the event.

What to expect:

We are condensing the game into a time limited mini-game which was trialled at Comic-Con Wales this year. This will be a competition with winners on the day getting a prize for collecting the most items (whilst avoiding the Nutcracker) in 3 minutes.

Gameplay is subject to change but here’s some footage from the last event to give you an idea.

Prizes are to be announced but we already have some exciting additions lined up such as custom Nutcracker control pad so it’s worth popping by if you’re around!

We plan to extend this competition to the public by releasing an online version in the next few months, possibly to coincide with the holiday period so keeps your eyes peeled! To be notified of this please use the Alpha Sign up page.

We will be running an updated leaderboard throughout the days at EGX either on here or on Twitter, so make sure you follow us if you are participating.

We are excited to showcase our game so will see you there!


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