It’s been a pretty hectic month but we are progressing well with the game. Big leaps in UI and overall performance have happened this month as well as extending secret areas. We have multiple cut scenes and a much clearer direction for the final demo we intend to release in the next two months.

We have had to sacrifice most of the old programming, this was linked to previous members of the team which we found too challenging to re-work so an overall has happened and continues to progress in terms of objectives and gameplay.

We have been focusing on set pieces like the one below, which includes mini games and bringing some of the stores to life. the below video shows a work in progress fortune teller machine, which on completion will read your fortune and act as a modifier to gameplay. Fun fact –  Iving (the monkey) is part of an old project a few of the team members worked on so we thought it would be cool to include him! Actually, that wasn’t fun at all, apologies.

In addition to the above we are working on a gameplay scene within the laser tag area. This will be the core focus from now until September as it will highlight the direction of the game and uniqueness of each store. We may bring more machines to life in the arcade too during this period.

The screenshots above are of selected areas and points of interest now in the game. We have a holographic Nutcracker within the laser tag arena, an opening point of interest and the last slide is a teaser to expanded areas waiting to be found. More details about this coming soon!

The UI and inventory system has long needed an overhaul so the team have been busy implementing this over the past month. Although still work in progress visually, we now have the mechanics in place to pick up and sort items as well as inspect them. The functionality will be expanded later to include usable items and tools. 

To accompany the above, we have been working on a main menu and loading screen and intro will be coming next month. Again, this is work in progress but a small teaser is below.

The Nutcracker is still having an AI rework, which will boost performance and allow real time kills/captures as opposed to what is currently on offer which sets the kill as a video. This is too performance heavy currently due to constantly updating target points he can move to and loading in a video on capture is not optimal.

In the next month we have a few events which are 

  • Dundee Pitch Practice (Tranzfuser) – 7th August
  • BAFTA event (GTW) – TBC
  • Comic-Con Wrexham – 21st August

The week ahead will see us finalise small details around our pitch and game so we have something to show off for these events. We are also keen to provide a small demo for the 21st August, which we may open up to a wider audience post event (or simultaneously) depending on progress. This will not reflect the main game but will be a collectable mini-game in the environment with possible prizes to be won! Keep an eye on our socials for upcoming details.

With EGX confirmed as the 22nd -25th September this year we will certainly have a demo by then. We are committed and focused to make this the best representation of our game going forward and look forward to releasing the demo to people signed up to the Alpha sign up at this point for those who cant make the event.

In the mean time we will post some updates through the month and have a re-cap at the end again on here.

Thanks for sticking with us!


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