Post University Update

What have we been up to?

University finished a few weeks ago and are readying up for the next period of work over the summer. Taking a step back from the project we have been able to identify key areas we need to work on and improve during the next period. These will be summarised in this post for clarity.

Phil will be leaving the team to pursue other career goals, we will be covering the work with a variety of contract workers and the rest split between the team. We wish him well in the future. The rest of the team are fully committed to the completion of the game during summer and beyond.

The areas we have identified we need major work on are the objectives, AI, animation and lore. These will be the core focus of the summer period. Without giving too much away, we plan environmental story telling in secret areas located in the mall which is the first thing being worked upon. Once this is implemented we will have a base camp of sorts where a player can store and find information. This sounds very vague but we cannot give the whole game away! There are images from some of the assets we are working on below though as a clue.

The area in question is currently in early stages of development but early footage of layout can be seen in the video below. Again, this very early stages so is not a reflection of the finished product.

Contract workers will be finishing the AI and attached animations of the Nutcracker and the team will undergo a UI and objective overhaul once the environment is complete. We also have someone working on the theme and sounds for the game.

We need to redo current animations of the Nutcracker for quality purposes. Animations to be implemented over the summer include

  • Confused
  • Trapped
  • Opening door
  • Walk/sprint
  • Pick up off floor
  • Look around
  • Stunned
  • Rotation of head 

In summary, we will produce (by September) the following

  • Nutcracker who patrols with multiple capture animations
  • Game with start and end
  • Objectives which demonstrate the direction of the project
  • Lore within the game and some form of external lore
  • Each store will have a hidden item related to lore and an interesting way to acquire it
  • Inventory system which keeps track of items found
  • An example of seasonal change (Christmas items)

We will be posting less frequently on here but social media presence will be ramped up during the period. You can follow us on Twitter for the latest updates. Thanks for reading and like always any suggestions get in contact with us.

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