The Mall

mystic peak town

Mystic Peak is a mountain town dating from the 1800s which is home to 15,000 people. It’s known as a fishing town and is home to a local football, soccer and baseball team. 

mystic peak shopping mall

Mystic Peak shopping mall is the largest (and only) mall in the town. It is situated on the hillside across the river on the outskirts of town.

Town map


The Mall is the main location in the Nutcracker and features multiple stores. It boasts over 50 stores and is the go to place within Mystic Peak. Interactivity between player and the stores is essential to player progress so take a while to familiarise yourself with the locations and what items may be inside.

featured Stores within the mall

Ivings Arcade Emporium

An arcade in the mall featuring the mascot Dr. Iving. Features old school arcade machines for retro fun


A chicken store similar to KFC. Can be found next to the Plaza. Vegan options available for you friends of the Earth.

Bailey's toy store - est 1935

The original and best toy store, albeit now closed down.


A technology store in the mall which specialises in computers, phones, security and tablets.

freakbeat records

An old record store which is the last in the area. Sells classics and band merchandise

mr icey's ice cream parlour

Every kids favourite ice cream parlour! Mr Iceys has been a staple of the mall for multiple decades


A Laser Tag store in which the lights always break. Might be a place to a avoid


A gym and fitness centre. You may find the Nutcracker pumping iron and flexing his guns in here.

sports republic

Local sports store and home to many jerseys and merchandise of the local teams in Mystic Peak. May provide a scare (or two)

partner brands and stores

mere soeur

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A fashion and lifestyle brand, will be featured as a store in the mall.


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Insert Image Here

A TGC and merchandise store located in Wrexham, North Wales. Will feature as a store in the mall


For a limited time we are offering businesses the chance to appear in the mall alongside our stores. If this is something of interest please contact us!
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