Developer Blog Week 1

The journey so far...

Although not technically week 1, this is the first update blog so we will be documenting progress made so far, with weekly updates here on in until completion every week.

Starting working in October 2021, we set the below targets for a December checkpoint

Why 'The Nutcracker?'

The idea phase seen many games put forward to be our main project for the year. Some of the other games considered were a Zombie game, a rogue like and various party games. 

We decided to go with the Nutcracker as there hasn’t been many games made about them, despite having a strong presence every Christmas time. We are all fans of horror games and felt the Nutcracker was a perfect fit for what we wanted to achieve. There will be more characters introduced around other seasonal events through time so watch this space!

Throughout our time at university we have developed a catalogue of characters which we have used for smaller projects, of which some them will be featured in the game as stores. The Nutcracker is an entirely new character though as well as any other character which will be featured within the gameplay.



The first Prototype video

This video was a proof of concept which was completed within the first few months, it was designed to showcase very basic gameplay. 

Early whitebox versions of the map

Below are two images of the early white box versions of the map which show the scale of the mall. The first will not be used as it was deemed too large so the second one is most similar to the intended final layout.

We will be posting updates on here as well as social media throughout the duration of the project. Follow this blog or our twitter for the latest updates on the game

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